Excerpts from If Something Should Happen

From Chapter 1:

“Just remember, if something should happen to me, don’t be sad. I was doing what I loved to do…travel!” As I said those words out loud, I thought, “Why would a mother say those words to her daughter?” But it was like a compulsion. I couldn’t stop myself. Then I started to panic. Was this an omen? I had heard that some people have a premonition when the end is near and begin methodically getting their papers and accounts in order. Am I one of those people? With this in mind, I began cautiously cleaning my desk, which I often do before leaving on a trip. I purposely left some things undone and others in a state of disarray. If everything were in order, that might be a sign that I was prepared for the ultimate good-bye. I knew I was not ready to check out yet, but why did I say that? I have always had a strong sixth sense, but it had never scared me before. Now I was nervous…nervous about my trip, nervous about my future.

But my trip was too close to back out. Only two days away. I probably had pre-trip jitters. After all, I had been planning this trip for nearly a year. I had been packing for several weeks! Plus, my travel mate was someone I hadn’t seen for over twenty years. That in itself was reason for mild panic. Three weeks with someone I barely knew. But I can generally get along with anyone for a short time. I try to look at the humorous side of most situations, relying on laughter to carry me through the challenging times. I managed to put my concerns aside and continue with my packing.


From Chapter 21:

I can leave behind the sickness. I can leave behind the pain. I can leave behind what seemed like an endless time by myself with no one to look after me… I can leave behind the times when communication was impossible and I felt that maybe I should just give up.

What I cannot leave behind is the horrific treatment by USAA/Travel Insured/On Call. I cannot leave behind their lack of compassion, their rudeness, their incomprehensible inability to think or to do their jobs. I will always be affected by the memories of how they ignored me, by how I begged and pleaded for them to help me and to get me out of the altitude and out of the filth.


If Something Should Happen is available at Amazon.com in paperback or e-book format. Enjoy the adventure!



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