Hanging out in Paris

I’m off once again on a trip that is a little out of the ordinary for me personally.  It might seem like a calm, easy trip but that doesn’t take me out of the prospective danger zone for health, accident or terrorism incidents.

Yes, I am going to Paris.  A friend and I have rented an apartment for 3 weeks.  We have been dreaming about this trip for several years but life always seemed to get in the way.  Finally, we are doing it.  We want to explore Paris in depth and revel in its culture.  We have both been there before but for me, it was usually a stop en route to somewhere else so the stay was never more than a few days.  That meant that I would run around to my favorite spots, have a crepe and a macaron or six, sit at an outdoor café and soak in the energy that is Paris.  As we were researching what we wanted to do there, we each made a separate TO DO list.  I never realized how much there really was…how many museums, how many cultural events, how many nooks and crannies.  We booked the special things that we wanted to do:  the opera, ballet, a couple of restaurants, a cooking class and a 4-day museum pass.  We found that the sewers of Paris are temporarily closed for major access renovations; the Catacombes are closed until the last week of our stay; Edith Piaf, the musical, is on vacation; several museums are closed for updating.  But there are still plenty of things to do.

I am excited but I still have to think of the negative possibilities.  I just read about 9 people being stabbed in front of a theater in Paris.  There are always protests going on and anything could happen.  There are cobblestone streets that can wreak havoc on the ankles.  Paris is a big city and anything can happen!  So what insurance is best in this situation?  As I have mentioned, I have a yearly medical policy and an evacuation policy so I am covered for terrorism and medical.  The only thing that is not fully covered is trip cancellation.  It would be only partially covered by my other policies.  And given my age and the fact that life is often complex, anything could happen.  It is worth the relatively small additional investment.  So I got the Travel Guard Silver plan.  Some of the coverage overlaps with my other plans and I am probably over-insured.  But I feel confident that if something should happen yet again, I will be taken care of.  And for me, the investment is worth it.