Lhasa, Tibet Hospital

People’s Hospital in Lhasa.


My Guardian Angels: Datso, Mr. Hollywood, and Carlton.


My Tibetan and Chinese doctors who performed my appendectomy in Lhasa.


Jerry, the minister of foreign affairs and his assistant.


Our walk through the park near the hospital to see Potala Palace.


Even in Lhasa, people wonder why the chicken crossed the road!


In my hospital room, Datso works on getting me out. Flowers are from Jerry, minister of foreign affairs.


Lhasa Hospital kitchen


Lhasa Hospital Asian toilet: My biggest challenge, especially with an IV pole.


My favorite restaurant with a wide selection of yak dishes.


“Relaxing” in the ambulance en route to the Lhasa airport.


Getting ready for my Air Ambulance flight with the nurse.


Air Ambulance doctor inside the Hawker Beechcraft 800.


En route to Chengdu in the Air Ambulance.