About Me

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I am Paula Zacher. I was born and raised in Fresno, California. From a very early age, I developed a love for travel and for new and different challenges. I graduated from UC Berkeley in Spanish. In search of some way to use the language, I ended up as a flight attendant for Trans International Airlines based out of Oakland, CA. For 10 years, I flew the world having experiences that only someone with a charter airline could have. From the Hadj or Muslims’ pilgrimage to Mecca to airlifting orphans from Vietnam, I was able to experience even more than I had hoped. I loved the job but my husband, Reno, and I decided it was time to expand the family.

I left the airlines and we eventually had two children. When they were in high school, I started a home-staging business, which I had for 10 years. The creativity involved helped to assuage my desire to travel. But once the children were grown, it was time to feed my travel bug again.

I took several substantial trips but the one that inspired my book If Something Should Happen was by far my biggest and most memorable adventure.  There was an unexpected turn of events that I could never have anticipated. But it didn’t stop me… I am still traveling!


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