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Welcome to I am Paula Zacher and have always called myself a die-hard traveler.  But my recent experiences gave new meaning to the monicker.  I wrote a book about my travels in 2015 to the Himalayas. At first, I take you with me as a typical tourist. But the real story begins with the earthquake in Kathmandu and ends in a hospital in Chengdu, China. There is an unbelievable string of events with the crux of the story being the unforgivable incompetence of one travel insurance company and the part it played in my near-death experience. I learned, though, that not all travel insurance companies are incompetent and that’s why I lived to tell the story.

After writing If Something Should Happen, I decided that there must be a lot of people who have a travel insurance story to tell. I hope that somehow we might all get some comfort in knowing that we are not alone. In opening up this site, perhaps we might change the way some of these travel insurance companies think and operate. I know for a fact that the large companies have people searching the web for information and stories about themselves. They want to deflect the bad press. So perhaps they will read your stories and take some notes. They can learn from the positive experiences as well as the negative ones, so it would be nice to hear both. I was lucky enough to experience the good along with the bad in the same trip. The balance was what kept me alive.

Please share your stories on the Tell Me Your Story page of this website.

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